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  • Milwaukee Leather/Nexgen Heat Universal Battery Pack Options for Heated Gear Hoodies and Softshell


    Universal Battery Pack for Milwaukee Performance Heated Hoodie

    ·         Triple Heat Setting, Low, Med, High

    ·         Easy to Read Power Indicator Lights

    ·         Plug in Wall Adapter

    ·         12V 2600m Ion battery



    One Single 12V/2600mAh Rechargeable Battery with Wall Charger and Triple Heat Setting


    Suggested Use:

    Jacket Battery Pack can ONLY be used on Milwaukee Leather Heated Hoodie – Batteries will not work if used w/ other heated product (ex: Gloves or Jacket)


    Plug in charged battery to connection cable on Hoodie. To turn on battery, press and hold on/off for several seconds until light comes on (if light doesn’t turn on, the battery needs charging). When on power starts at 100%, keep on high setting for five to ten minutes to warm up the Hoodie. After the desired temperature is reached, turn the battery down to 50% to increase Battery Life. Turn off the battery during extended breaks or indoors to extend your usage time.



    Do Not Wash or Put any Garment in the Dryer w/ the Battery Still inside


    In extreme cold conditions always charge Battery to 100%, be aware that the battery will lose power after a few hours of usage. It is strongly recommended to purchase an extra battery pack for extreme cold conditions


    Please note if the Battery Needs to be reset, plug into wall charger in the off position and then turn on the power button. The will restart the battery